IMPRS Spring Block Course

May 02, 2024

The IMPRS for Elementary Processes in Physical Chemistry (IMPRS-EPPC) continues to offer an exceptional educational and research environment for its doctoral candidates. This unique graduate program is a collaboration between the Fritz-Haber-Institut, the Berlin universities: Freie Universität (FU), Technische Universität (TU), Humboldt-Universität (HU), and Universität Potsdam.

The program is designed to provide comprehensive education through block lectures, interactive discussion meetings, and valuable soft-skill seminars, ensuring thorough guidance throughout the PhD journey via thesis advisory committees. The IMPRS-EPPC's research spans various facets of physical chemistry, focusing on uncovering the fundamental processes that drive functionality.

Each participating university group and FHI department dedicates its research to specific systems, scientific inquiries, and methodologies. This collaborative effort enriches the IMPRS-EPPC with a broad and interdisciplinary doctoral education program, promoting a universal understanding of complex systems.

The latest block course, titled "Advanced Methods in Physical Chemistry," was held from April 8-12. This year, PhD students America Torres and Henrik Wiedenhaupt shared their insights:

"We recently concluded our IMPRS spring block course, which delved into advanced methods in physical chemistry. The course featured enlightening lectures from distinguished experts who discussed their research areas. Topics spanned the fundamentals and latest advancements in microscopy and spectroscopy, including ultrafast techniques, and their use in operando catalysis research. We also explored theoretical spectroscopy, electronic structure theory, and their practical applications, alongside the synthesis of complex materials and nanoparticles. This course was an invaluable platform for idea exchange among students from the IMPRS community, broadening our comprehension of advanced methods beyond our individual research areas."

This spring block course underscores the IMPRS-EPPC's commitment to fostering an enriching educational experience that bridges various research disciplines within physical chemistry. We eagerly anticipate the continued success of our students and the innovative research outcomes that will emerge from this collaborative educational framework.

We are looking forward to the next block course in fall.

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