Berlin PostDoc Day 2023: Bridging Disciplines and Fostering Connections

December 05, 2023

The Fritz Haber Institute is proud to support the Berlin PostDoc Day 2023 (PDD23), an annual event that has established itself as a significant platform for PostDocs across various disciplines. This year, the event took place on November 2nd and 3rd at the Humboldt Graduate School as part of the Berlin Science Week and was organized by a diverse team of Berlin-based PostDocs from MDC, FMP, FHI, Charité, and BAM.

Over the years, the PostDoc Day has grown into a significant networking platform, attracting a wide range of participants. This year, the event was enriched with scientific talks, networking opportunities, and insights into new career perspectives. The first day concluded with a fun-filled evening of pizza and games, which encouraged networking among the participants.

For the first time in its decade-long history, PDD23 introduced a second day filled with workshops aimed at equipping participants with essential skills for their future. These workshops included an introduction to non-violent communication, tools for effective science communication, and an overview of privilege and ethics in data.

Dr. Giulia Glorani, the Scientific Coordinator from the theory department of the Fritz-Haber-Institut der MPG, and a key figure in the organization of PDD23, shared her experience. „Last year, I was a participant at the PDD22, and I was particularly impressed by the opportunity to meet peers from different disciplines and the career session that offered valuable insights into navigating the job market. This year, I decided to lead the organization of the PDD23. It was a rewarding journey that expanded my network and introduced me to new collaborators and friends."

Among the PostDocs selected to present during the morning session was Dr. Gianmarco Ducci, who recently joined the Theory Department. His talk, like many others, contributed to the rich tapestry of knowledge and experience that PDD23 offered its participants.

As the Fritz Haber Institute, we are proud to support such events and are delighted with the active participation and co-organization by our colleagues. We firmly believe that such events not only contribute to the personal and professional development of our PostDocs but also serve to strengthen the scientific community as a whole.

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