Bicycle Safety Workshop at FHI

Increased Safety on Two Wheels

June 06, 2023

At the Fritz-Haber-Institut, colleagues enjoy cycling a lot. In order to enhance safety while cycling on the roads and simultaneously increase the joy of biking, a bicycle safety workshop was held, organized by the German Road Safety Council in collaboration with our professional association.

The workshop began with a theoretical introduction, primarily focusing on the interaction of all road users. Various aspects of safety were addressed as important principles for cyclists. This included identifying sources of accidents and how to avoid them, as well as promoting awareness of attentive riding. Additionally, the importance of a roadworthy bicycle was emphasized.

Following the theoretical introduction, the workshop proceeded with a practical segment lasting approximately 2 hours. During this part, participants actively engaged in exercises on the parking lot of FU (Freie Universität). Under clear guidance from the instructor, participants had the opportunity to perform various exercises aimed at improving their cycling skills. Special attention was given to braking techniques, agility, and anticipatory riding.

Regarding braking, participants learned how to properly use their brakes, enabling them to quickly come to a stop in critical situations. Agility exercises helped cyclists improve their balance and coordination, allowing them to better navigate obstacles on the road.

Another crucial aspect of the practical part was "reading" the road, which refers to anticipatory riding. Participants were instructed to identify potential hazards early on and react accordingly. This awareness of the surroundings is crucial for accident prevention.

The bicycle safety workshop at FHI was an overall successful event, providing both theoretical knowledge and practical exercises. Participants were able to enhance their cycling skills and learn how to act safely on the roads. With the support of the German Road Safety Council and our professional association, it was possible to conduct the workshop professionally and provide valuable safety tips.

As enthusiastic cyclists at FHI, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all those involved in making this workshop possible. We hope that through events like these, we can contribute to making cycling not only enjoyable but also safer.

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