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The Fritz Haber Institute (FHI) of the Max Planck Society heartily welcomes you and wishes you all the best for your stay in Germany.

Are you a new employee at the FHI and need more information about topics like Registration in Germany, Work Permit or Health Insurance? You are invited to contact our Welcome Office.

The documents available unter "Helpful Information" (on the left) will help you prepare your stay at the Fritz Haber Institute. The PDF Document "FHI Welcome Brochure 2020" provides specific information on both the FHI and living/working in the Berlin and Brandenburg area. The link below will lead you to a more extensive guide book complied by the Max Planck Society, which addresses more general issues you might face when moving to Germany.


Some useful quick links

How to reach us

Department of Inorganic Chemistry
E-Mail acsek@fhi.mpg.de

Department of Interface Science
E-Mail iscsek@fhi.mpg.de

Department of Molecular Physics
E-Mail misch@fhi.mpg.de

Department of Physical Chemistry
E-Mail pcsek@fhi.mpg.de

Department of Theory
E-Mail thsecretary@fhi-berlin.mpg.de

Computer Support
Joint Network Center
Electronic Laboratories
Mechanical Laboratories
Works Council
Conflict Management
Further Service Facilities

E-Mail Guest House / Housing Management
E-Mail Child Care

Federal Office of Germany

Health Insurance



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