Publications of Hanspeter Winkler

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
J. Köning, C. Boettcher, H. Winkler, E. Zeitler, Y. Talmon and J.-H. Fuhrhop: Magic angle (54.7°) gradient and minimal surfaces in quadruple micellar helices. Journal of the American Chemical Society 115 (2), 693–700 (1993).
Journal Article
H. Winkler, H. Gross, T. Schnyder and W. Kunath: Circular harmonic averaging of rotary-shadowed and negatively stained creatine kinase macromolecules. Journal of Electron Microscopy Technique 18 (2), 135–141 (1991).
Journal Article
T. Schnyder, H. Gross, H. Winkler, H.M. Eppenberger and T. Wallimann: Structure of the mitochondrial creatine kinase octamer: high-resolution shadowing and image averaging of single molecules and formation of linear filaments under specific staining conditions. The Journal of Cell Biology 112 (1), 95–101 (1991).
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