Publications of Ville Havu

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
P. Havu, V. Blum, V. Havu, P. Rinke and M. Scheffler: Large-scale surface reconstruction energetics of Pt(100) and Au(100) by all-electron density functional theory. Physical Review B, in press.
Journal Article
V. Havu, V. Blum, P. Havu and M. Scheffler: Efficient O(N) integration for all-electron electronic structure calculation using numeric basis functions. Journal of Computational Physics 228 (22), 8367–8370 (2009).
Journal Article
V. Blum, R. Gehrke, F. Hanke, P. Havu, V. Havu, X. Ren, K. Reuter and M. Scheffler: Ab initio molecular simulations with numeric atom-centered orbitals. Computer Physics Communications 180, 2175–2196 (2009).
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