Publications of Sebastian Hagen

Journal Article (7)

Journal Article
Stähler, Julia, … Martin Wolf: Real-Time Measurement of the Vertical Binding Energy during the Birth of a Solvated Electron.
Journal Article
Hagen, Sebastian, … Petra Tegeder: Electronic structure and electron dynamics at an organic molecule/metal interface: interface states of tetra-tert-butyl-imine/Au(111).
Journal Article
Leyssner, Felix, … Petra Tegeder: Photoisomerization Ability of Molecular Switches Adsorbed on Au(111): Comparison between Azobenzene and Stilbene Derivatives.
Journal Article
McNellis, Erik R., … F.Stefan Tautz: Bulky spacer groups – A valid strategy to control the coupling of functional molecules to surfaces?
Journal Article
Schmidt, Roland, … Martin Weinelt: On the electronic and geometrical structure of the trans- and cis-isomer of tetra-tert-butyl-azobenzene on Au(111).
Journal Article
Hagen, Sebastian, … Petra Tegeder: Excitation mechanism in the photoisomerization of a surface-bound azobenzene derivative: Role of the metallic substrate.
Journal Article
Hagen, Sebastian, … Petra Tegeder: Kinetic analysis of the photochemically and thermally induced isomerization of an azobenzene derivative on Au(111) probed by two-photon photoemission.

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Hagen, Sebastian et al.: Isomerization behavior of photochromic molecules in direct contact with noble metal surfaces.
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