Publications of Xiaojuan Hu

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Journal Article
Amin, K.S., X. Hu, D.R. Salahub, C. Baldauf, C. Lim and S. Noskov: Benchmarking polarizable and non-polarizable force fields for Ca2+-peptides against a comprehensive QM dataset. The Journal of Chemical Physics 153 (14), 144102 (2020).
Journal Article
Li, M., Y. Luo, X. Hu, G. Cai, Z.-K. Han, Z. Du and J. Cui: Synergistic Regulation of Phonon and Electronic Properties to Improve the Thermoelectric Performance of Chalcogenide CuIn1−xGaxTe2:yInTe (x = 0–0.3) with In Situ Formed Nanoscale Phase InTe. Advanced Electronic Materials 6 (2), 1901141 (2020).
Journal Article
Li, M., Y. Luo, X. Hu, Z.-K. Han, X. Liu and J. Cui: Co-regulation of the copper vacancy concentration and point defects leading to the enhanced thermoelectric performance of Cu3In5Te9-based chalcogenides. RSC Advances 9 (54), 31747–31752 (2019).
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